Guiding families
toward self-sufficiency.

RSK is on a mission to fulfill the dream
of R’ Shayala of Kerestir:
To create more self-sufficient, financially- independent families who no longer need to lean on charity. Each of our programs is designed to help hardworking families through temporary crisis, so they can turn around, find their footing, and become donors to the same fund that stirred their recovery. We know we’ve succeeded everytime a beneficiary completes their journey from taking to giving.

Because working your way up from the bottom, requires leading from the top.

The Boss ensures long term financial success by teaching business owners how to structure and lead their business in a prudent and enduring manner.

Because self-sufficiency is unattainable if financial habits don’t change.

We teach healthy money relationships to families of all income levels - so they can gain control over their budget and improve their financial stability.

Because self-sufficiency means maximizing earning potential and work-life balance.

While cutting expenses helps, true financial security comes from maximizing career earnings. Our program is focused on getting the most out of a breadwinner’s career and creating new possibilities for long-term financial well-being.

At RSK, your donation lives a long, helpful life!

We're here to get you there.

Share with us how we can
help you or someone you know.